CSI Armoring Inc, headquartered in Thomasville NC was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2003. Since its inception, CSI Armoring has been manufacturing custom designed armored vehicles and heavy-duty Armored buses, mobile structures, and Tactical Armored Personal Carriers for DoD, F.B.I., TACOM, ICE, DHS, CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM for use in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, and the Continent of United States.

Executive Summary

CSI Armoring Inc. manufactured armored vehicles have protected personnel security of Government Officials, Corporate Executives, Military Departments, Government Agencies and Individuals. Government officials and Peacekeeping forces still in service around the globe utilize these vehicles.
For over 10 years, CSI Armoring has successfully completed numerous U.S. Government contracts on time and consistently delivered quality armored vehicles.
CSI Armoring maintains automotive service centers and sales offices in Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq. In a small manufacturing environment, it is the people who make the difference. “Made in the USA” has become a trending topic as of late. This is something that small businesses can have a great effect of because they are often seen as the driving force of the economy. CSI Armoring is focused on being the driving force in creating job opportunities in our community.

Company Objectives

Over the past few years, and specially this year, CSI Armoring Inc. has worked very hard to build its infrastructure, quality control, methods and the systems to handle a significant increase in amount of business. We have invested and worked aggressively to construct, implement advancements and improvements to establish a product that is second to none. Additionally, the company has configured a staff who is prepared handle many tasks and goals. These individuals are highly qualified and experienced.

Our core products are the Up-Armored SUV’s type vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers, Chevrolet Suburban, Jeep, etc. These units correspond to 70% of our sales, since individuals and Government users prefer them. The remaining 30% consist of armored sedans, A.P.Cs, Buses and diverse ballistic materials.

Our armor provides occupants of the vehicle 360 degrees of protection, CSI utilizes only the best quality Certified Ballistic Materials, the most experienced and qualified professionals to armor vehicles, to guarantee occupants protection requested.