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CSI Ballistic Glass

Law enforcement (LE) agencies often have specific needs when it comes to ballistic glass. Ballistic glass, also known as bullet-resistant glass or bulletproof glass, is designed to provide protection against gunfire and other ballistic threats.

One of the primary requirements for LE is the ability of ballistic glass to withstand different levels of ballistic impact. This means that the glass should be able to resist bullets from various firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The level of protection needed may vary depending on the specific role of LE personnel and the potential threats they may encounter.

Another important consideration is the clarity and visibility provided by the ballistic glass. Officers need to maintain clear visibility to effectively assess situations and make split-second decisions. Therefore, ballistic glass should offer high optical clarity without compromising on safety.

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Durability and resilience are crucial factors. LE vehicles and buildings are often exposed to harsh conditions and potential attacks. The ballistic glass should be able to withstand impact: not only from bullets, but also from other objects such as rocks or other projectiles.

Ease of installation and maintenance of ballistic glass is another practical consideration. Our solution efficiently integrates into existing vehicles and buildings without causing significant disruptions. This makes regular maintenance manageable and also ensures the long-term effectiveness of the ballistic glass.

By meeting these needs, and more, CSI Ballistic Glass significantly enhances the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement operations.

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CSI Ballistic Door Panels

Our ballistic door panels provide an additional layer of protection to law enforcement vehicles, enhancing the safety of officers in the line of duty.

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